Love and spirituality

I just finished Anita Moorjanis book dying to be me and i agree that all in this life is To do good without being religious. Religion will not help you, only Love can. If I am afraid of death and dying than I can never be happy in this life.there is not a reason why death should be something fearful. If we are afraid of death and dying we certainly shall die. If we are not afraid of it then we shall dies as well, that is inevitable. This fear is nevertheless stupid. All fears as Moorjanis says are stupid. If we stop being fearful,then we shall dies, maybe later, but maybe sooner than if we cared too much about our health and so on. But is this really the case? Is the meaning of life to live as long as possible? Is not it better to die after a short but fulfilled life rather than after along one which is evil and dull? If one has a purpose in live then the one sees the meaning of life and is not interested in longevity. If I do good in life, then I should not be afraid of dying because I have nothing to be afraid of. If what I do is good, then I do not to be fearful that what happens after this life should be unpleasant for me. Even for unbealivers, it is not necessary to believe what becomes after this life. Everyone is substitutable so I do not need to worry about what happens when I am not here. If one listens to ones heart then one knows that there is nothing more than being good. It is all about accepting ones way in life. Of course when one is sick then it is natural that one wants to get healthy again, but this health must have a purpose. Anita wanted to life, wanted to avoid cancer, but as she says, she virtually did not know what for, all she did was to be liked by others, what she really wantéd was irrelevant. Now, if i get sick or not is basically irrelevant as well. Evérything that happens in this life has a purpose, even illness. As Moorjanis says it is not about religion but abour pure love, what I like to call conscience. We all are spiritual beings and it is not avoidable that we belong to God and to Love. There is nothing else than our individual conscience and as long as we ľive according to it, to the True spiritaul conscience, then we can be sure that we are in connection to God, eternal Love or whatever you call it if you have clear conscience to call it some other name. There are people religions or not religions, catholics, hinduist, Christians and they all live according to a certain paradigm. I belive as a practicing catholic that Jesus is the key to heaven, but I do not know for sure and then it is meanigless to argue about it. Even Buddha with his teaching of love fulfills the true meaning of life which is Love. We do not need anybody, anybody teaching to see and know what is right, to distinguish right from wrong. As St. Augustine says, first and foremost you should love and then do whatever you want to do. Some people claim that morality is learned, that were it not for spiritual leaders, gurus and so on then we would not know what is right and what is wrong. Is this really the case? Is evangelin and Jesus and his teaching something that is learned? If one does not know evangeline and ten commandments is the one then free from sinning because the one doesnot what sin is? Of course not. Immanuel Kant, one of the most renowned philosophers says that there are two things that fulfill his mind with endless awe> skies above us and moral code within us. We are not tabula rasa as the behaviourists claim people to be. I believe that the true way of live which is loving instead of hurting others does not need to be learned, only practiced by opening up our hearts, instead of using our pragmatic ideals and paradigms of profit and gain. Why we like hurting others? There is something appealing about it, the power one have upon the other person. I think it is all about power. One might say that it is aľ about money, but money is just a way a tool how to reach power.if we hurt others then we gain power over them. But is power over outer things what we really seek in order to gain happiness? The only power that can make us happy is the power over our ego, over ourselves, not over other people. Happiness comes when we all are happy, it is the holistic princip which is so immensely talked about in her book. If i am more powerful than you then the balance is not in equilibrium and the happiness is not attainable. Only through happiness of all people and also through peace with nature, because we are also a part of it, can we reach happiness>if we live according to what is good, not evil. We do not need to be told to not hurt others to know that it is evil. True morality, as well as the healing process as Moorjanis says does not come from the outside but from the inside, from our heart and what we have, what we want to have in our heart, it is all about the choice to do the right thing.

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