Suicide and euthanasia

I saw a movie Last samurai and it seems to me very interesting to think about the immorality or morality of a suicide. According to the Christian morality any murder, be it of another person or of myself is sin. Katsumuto, the leading samurai in the end wants to commit a suicide because his honor tells him so. Greene wants him to stop but Katsumuto says that he must fulfill what he believes in. How can Green be so sure as to stop him? We believe in Western values but is it really moral to stop somebody from killing himself? On the other side of the spectrum is naturally the euthanasia as in Holland is toppical right now, they want to make euthanasia lawful not only those who are suffering and in unbearable and chronic pain that only gets worse, but also for those who might basically be tired with life, if taken to extreme. On one hand, if one wants to commit a suicide then it might be immoral to try to save him,because everyone has a free choice. On the other hand, we take life as most sacred and the last decision which is not repearable should not be taken easily. Many suicides are people that do not want to die but do not see any way out. These people need help with getting back to life, not with easier way to die as it is soon going to be in Holland. Katsumuto believes that his life quest was done and that he does not have anything else to do in life. If this decision is well thought through, then one should not hinder from doing so the suicidal person. On the other hand, noone has the right to help such a person. God shall judge if the life was really so unbearable that one came earlier than God called him. We cannot help anyone to die unless we believe it to be the right thing and unless we, according to our conscience, have done everything that would show the way out for such a person.

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