Competitivness and capitalism in a society

the need to compete is basically a cover for fear. Those who want to win show that they need to persueade others but also themselves that they are better, that they can win, that they can get what they want and be better, because they are not good enough, strong enough etc. One competes only because he is scared and needs to proove that others are not potencial danger for him. He is fearful and by competing he destroys the sources of his fear. These sources will never be defeated because the only source of fear is in ourselves, not in people around. Those who are sure with themselves do not need to compete because they already won what is important in life. The only victory that is worth winning is winning of my soul upon my ego, good versus evil, heart versus pragmatics. Our greatest enemy is not in people around us which we want to overcome, win over, but the greatest and only enemy is in ourselves. Our ego, the love of oneself x Love of oneselve. Who Loves oneself can only be happy, who loves oneself, ones ego can never be happy. Let us help ourselves to win over ourselves instead of winning over each other and competing with each other because such a victory means inevitably a loss, and a loss of another person is inevitably also a loss of the victor, here the vicious circle comes full circle.

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