The inevitability of a menagerie?

What if the concept of menagerie is inevitable for people today? If someone wants to build a house, have children, then one needs money. One accepts to be one brick in the wall, the hamster running in the wheel. Is there any way out? If someone does not have the biological need which most people have>to have children, spread genes, then one does not need money, if he does, then it its necessary to distinguish between wanting money for egoistical purposes and reasonable purposes. Todays capitalistic society teaches people to be like animals, the stronger the better because according to the laws of the jungle the strongest always win. We are getting not nearer to the ideals of humanity but back to the atavistic features and ideals of people as brutes. The age where strenght was the most important is by gone but it seems to me that the capitalism is just a synonym for jungle. To eat the weaker and gain strenght to be able to eat bigger and bigger victim. It is still more and more difficult to earn money with clear conscience. If one accepts the laws of the jungle then his money that are for the purposes of family and home are stained money. Money that are gained by those who are weaker, less inteligent etc are not money that can be used for good purposes. If one wants to support ones family then the one still must be morally integral to the rest of society and more generaľy to the world in its all ramifications.

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