Amo ergo est

In Viktor Frankl´s essay The Will to the Meaning I read this quote which says in my view that the proof of God´s existence is our ontological need to love. By the word love which is overused and misused today I do not mean any infatuation between a heterosexual or homosexual pair but Love as the meaning of our existence, because God is Love and thus God is the meaning and also should be the aim of our existence-Will to the Meaning is a will to get nearer to God. I think it is necessary to get the word love of its popular connotation like infatuation (which of course may lead to love) or love which has nothing to do with Love but is merely a word associated with sexuality or pornography, as some would even say. The word love is the purest of all words because as I said above is basically a synonym for God and the fact that many people associate love with sexuality or even pornography says that many people let themselves be influenced by what society tells them that is right and thus these people are kept in the menagerie of other people´s opinions. Love has to be cleansed by all connotation and we should once again direct our sight up to eternal heights and not down on human perception of love as carnal pleasure.


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