Building trust

I saw yesterday a movie American Beauty by Sam Mendez. The movies is really great depiction of one man´s waking up to life. I would like to focus on the relationship between Ricky and Lester. If I am correct they have four scenes together. The first one is at the bar where Ricky offers Lester a joint, here they become friends. the second scene is where they meet randomly because Lester is running around their house. The third scene is where Lester and Ricky again meet randomly and make gesture that Lester would call Ricky later that day. The fourth and last scene comes the same day evening when Lester runs out of smoke and calls Ricky. He comes and makes him a joint. Ricky then goes home and comes again after the fight with his father. This I do not know why comes as a great feeling of trust. Ricky must have come again to Burnhams because Lester knows that Rick is at Jane´s room when Ricks father visits him. Lester and Ricky must have met again when he came to ask Jane to go away with him. I do not think that there is really a friendly relationship between Rick and Lester but Lester lets Rick go into his house, date his daughter etc and trusts him. Lester works out and knows that maybe he shall see Rick again when he leaves Jane and goes home. I do not why but this feeling of natural trust between people makes me feel really good. Just thinking about the coincidence about meeting Lester and Ricky randomly somewhere and trusting each other makes me feel good. It is so b eatufiul to trust other people not based on some form of friendship but just on the fact that we people should trust each other. If I trust them I shall be trustworthy for others and thus others shall trust me and then I do not havea reason to not trust them. This is where the equation of trust comes full circle.


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