Morality today and in the past

I read a discussion where a girl was complaining about the size of her boyfriends penis. Her plight was that the penis is too big for her and she was argumenting that she is used to smaller sizes. I do not know if this is a normal decent discussion but I could not wonder about how normal it is to have more/many boyfriends and talk about it as casually as this. I do not want to sound straitlaced and anachronic but I still believe that in the “old good days” the level of morality and of what is normal was a bit more decent. I cannot imagine such a discussion and the theme of having many bofriends houndred years ago. Of course, even then young people had their sexual adventures but could not talk about it because everyone in the village would know straight away but what strikes me most is the fact that today it seems normal but by then I think that the morality did not let people to think these things normal. What is normal anyway? To have one boyfriend, marry and have sex after marriage? or have many sexual partners to learn what is good for me and then choose one, or more. I do not think that there is one correct way how to experience sexuality but I would like to show the young people today in an era where everything is “normal” not everything is good. It seems to me that people today think that pleasure is what should be sought in live, that contraception is of great merit to us or that marriage or church is an anachronism that needs to be overcome. It must be difficult for people today to decide about good and evil in an age where everything is blurred and the line between right and wrong is always relativized. I do not know what is right or wrong for another person but I think that individual conscience should be always the “normal” thing, the norm that people should be led by-not conventions of rigidity of old times or hedonism and relativism of today.


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