Greed in a relationship

I saw a movie named Bitter moon and I asked myself how come that a pair that was so much in love suddenly turns into hatred and loathing. I think that the answer is greed, in this case sexual greed. In the beginning the protagonist Oscar did anything and everything to find her love Mimi and once he got her, and after he did anything possible sexually with her, fell prey to his natural bioligical instinct of having another partner to spread his genes as much as possible. I think that following ones biological desires is the greatest step back to the animal world that we should try to avoid. We are not animals and if we act like them we shall never be happy as was seen in the movie. If Oscar did not only listen to his bodily desires but praised his wife not because of her body then her body would not disappoint him and they could be happy. We humans have a choice to do what we believe is right and not be led by our bodily instincts. It is natural to spread genes for men as it is natural to desire children for women but the morality of my behavior should always be more important than complying with bodily desires..

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