Marriage and equality

It seems to me that women want to be praised by the husband more than the children, but any woman praises her children more than her husband. Women want to be shown the love by their husbands in order to care for the children well. On the other hand they do not give so much care to the husband, although I believe that the marriage and the bond between husband and wife should be stronger than between parents and children. Maybe women see the upbringing of children as their life goal, maybe their biological need to care for children is really their, in most cases, meaning of life. In that case a man is then just a guard of the wife and children and not really an equal partner. There are two ways to reconcile with this. One is that man understands womens need to care for chldren and accepts his role as a guard basically and may only hope that the role shall reverse and that once children grow up the husband will be of greater importance to the woman than their children. Or, and this is the better option, the woman overcomes her biological need to see children as the most important thing in the world and understands that the bond of marriage should be of greater importance then having children. This should not be viewed by men as a victory over women, on the other hand, it puts much more responsibility on men because they will need to strenghten the relationship between them because their bond shall be the main focus of the man and woman as well.

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