Good and evil intentions

Problem of morality is that one does not know the result of ones actions, one only knows the intentinsion, whether one wants to be good or not. If the action result is evil although one wanted it to be good then one is not and should not be responsible for it, only in case one deliberately did not do all that was necessary for the outcome of the action to be good. Take for example a famous painter Lautrec. I read in his biography that had he not been born with a defect in his legs the would not have become a painter and a world would miss extraordinary pieces of art. Same with our actions. The evil that we people inflict on other may hurt them but the final outcome may be positive. However, one cannot count on doing evil and hoping it would result good. Take for example parents that educate the children by anything good or evil they do to them. Even ignorace of chidlren is a kind of education that may result in a better ability to cope with conditions that may come. By being used to not being the centre of parents attention the child may be more independent and sulfsufficient. In a book by Malcom Gladwell David and Goliath I read about dyslectis and people with certain defects that get very good positions and achieved great feats in life due to their defects and weaknesses. Not everything that my seem as diasdvantage is disadvantageous. It depends on us, whether we choos to use our weakness to make us stronger of let it defeat us.

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