Is economic contribution everything?

menagerie institution may want people to rob them of their individuality by giving them number, symbols etc. Schools should teach us to recognize good from evil, to try to analyze things and not do the first thing which is usually wrong. Schools should show us why some things are wrong but should not despise and denounce those who do not see it so clearly. It is necessary to educate and care but not to say that thouse who do mistakes are worse than those who have a more subtle perception. Everyone is good in something, this axiom should be taken as seriously as possible, then the society would not see people with mental disabilities that do not contribute to the capitalistic society economically as useless. People with mental handicaps contribute in other ways. My life has been changed very much by my carreer as a social care worker. I see that these people do not dwell on stupid things as often as we do. The reality is now and here and not in some unforseenable future. They taught me to not be afraid of anything and enjoy every moment because every second in our lives is gone forever once it passes and it is only up to us whether we make a good use of the time given to us.

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