Building trust in communication

I would like to philosophie a little bit how trust is build in any relationship we may encounter. I think that what people need in any relationship is on one hand a genuine interest of the other party and on the other hand not dependence of the listening party. We humans want others to be interested in our affairs but not want them to become dependent on us by their telling us theirs. The communication should not be just waiting for my turn to talk. The happines of talking to other is conditioned by my genuine interest in what others say because when I finally can talk then without a prior interest in the other party I virtually lead a monologue and later a soliloquy because all the audience take its leave if it only has to listen and not also share its problems. We need to be interested in others but not become dependent on them because then the equality and balance is destroyed. Usually one party is more dependent than the other but this should later be changed and vica versa.

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