Legal vs. Moral

I have been thinking whether there is something wrong about prostitution if it is voluntary. One of possible candidates for president in my country owned a betting agency and vindicated his behavior of becoming a rich man thanks to many who lost their money by saying that it was all legal. If a prostitution is legal, for example brothels, then what would we think about an owner of such a brothel? Would we want this person for a president? The fact that something is legal does not mean that it is moral and that it is beneficial for humanity. If one gets rich by some other loosing then it is highly immoral and such a person benefits mostly from some inherent quality of higher intelect as opposed to those who do not have such and IQ and become victims of those who understand things better and can make us of the less clever people. This whole system of climbing on the backs of one another is totally twisted. As a social care worker I cannot agree with liberal capitalism because here one wins but some other, less lucky and gifted in intelect must inevitably lose. If this system is a milestone of mankind and civilisation then I am afraid we live again in the jungle, because in the jungle there also wins the one who is stronger, usually from birth. A developed society is such that seeks to avoid equality and where the week are not seen as potencial victims but as partners. People that do not contribute economically have other features that must be revealed but in a capitalistic society there is no space fur anything else than money and fame.

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