A video game Black Mirror features gothic and horror features. there is a scene where Samuel is in the manor which looks empty and horror like. suddenly he walks into the kitchen where Bates, a servant prepares food. the solitude and fear changes into cosiness of the kitchen. Samuel has now no reason to be afraid because the ghost surrounding now loses its substance-here is a man who acts as if there is nothing to be afraid of.

I parked our car on a parking space not destined for us because it was already taken but a bit further. a colleague who came to fetch clients from the car looked at first at our parking space, then seeing it is taken by some other car looked around and saw the car there thus fulfilling the test of trust that I parked the car appropriately although not on the place we usually park the cars.

I saw a situation in Hercule Poirot detective series where Poirot was arrested and a chief inspector came to the cell to attest that he is not a criminal. intead, he looks at poirot and ironically says that Poirot is one of the gang member. Poirot looks at him quetioningly until he sees that he makes fun of him and this the words are ironic not serious. poirot thus sees that the test of trustworthiness is passed by chief inspector.

When someone makes a mistake and I am in the right to chastize him I should not do it. I should not follow my ego which tells me to show him that I am right and that now I show him how to do things right. if I want the trust in my grow in the man then I should act mercifully and not egoistically.

listening to others is a very powerful mechanism of how to build trust. If I not only pretend to listen attentively to the affair of others but take a true interest in people around me instead of just waiting for them to listen to my troubles then I make myself trustworthy for them. it is also a test of trust. If I forget what they said to me when asked in the future then the test of listening fails and I am not considered as one who takes a real interest in people.

One should always want good for others as well as for oneself. Those who are hierarchically above or belove me shoud be irrelevant because I never know when I shall be up and when down. If I make no differences between people and approach everyone equally then I build trust because those belov me can see me as an equal partner although I can egoistically say that I will not lose time with them.

I saw a lecture by J.Davis about trustworthiness on the TED. he said that trust has three milestones:integrity, interest, ability. I would say that the former one is the essential one and that the others only implicitly stem from the first one. integrity, in other words being readable is quintessence of all relationships. If I act consistently then I am readable and this is prerequisite for trustworthiness.


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