Intimate relationships

Aristotle said that the worst thing in life is to spoil the most beautiful thing. Jean Vanier applies this to the sexuality of people today. If we distinguish sexuality into two>that means carnal and platonic, ín other words as a tool for pleasure and love as spiritual connection of two people, then we spoil the most important thing humans are capable of. There is nothing more than to make our life continue, there is nothing more than having children. That does not mean that all people should have children because although biologically having children is the acme of our bodies, not having children and doing something else may be the peak of our souls. The sexuality as a tool for pleasure is the diverted way away from our souls to the carnal pleasure. We lose command of our bodies and let our bodies to command our souls. On the other hand, if I truly love, then I should not hinder my body to become one soul and flesh with the person I am in love with. Both ways of twisted teleology of our bodies or only our souls are bad. It is necessary to acknowledge the needs of our body and also the needs of our soul, which is to love people and find a synthesis in a full sexual relationship that is both carnal and spiritual. All relationships between men and women does not have to be both, but i think that a certain amount of carnal sexuality appears in all healthy relationships. Our aim should be to avoid beíng focused on just one side of these relationships, be it body or soul.

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