Uniqueness and truth

One of the reasons why I am a Christian is that I see egoism as the root of any sin and evil behaviour. I do not know what is good and what is evil, I now even think that the dichotomy of good and evil does not exist at all, or at least agnostically is not distinguishable. Nevertheless, any behavior I experience which is focused on the gain is such that does not contribute to the well being of one and of the whole as well. I do not say that we all should contribute to the whole, to the society, although I think that the community life is what upholds our civilisation, but I want to state very firmly that any áct which aims particulary on what is good for me, instead on what is Good, is evil. We all are both unique and expendable. Our uniqueness lies in the choice to not use the uniqueness for the sake of my ego. If I live in the menagerie of egoism and hedonism, I believe build a wall between me and happiness. Becoming unique once i lose my uniqueness may sound schizophrenic or paradoxical buť it may not be so always. If I see my uniqueness in satisfying my ego, I can never be uniquely happy. Once I give up my ego and uniqueness of ego for the wellbeing of not only mankind but of the spiritual meaning of our lives which is the true happiness, then I can experience the uniqueness that is not for my ego but uniqueness that brings true joy and happiness.everyone is expendable, there is nothing in this world that can be done only by one person and at the same time everything we do is uniquely unique, because we all are special and unique, but only after we acknowledge that we want to use the uniqueness not for ourselves but for the generaly good for which we all are given conscience and are endowed with a sense for.

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