Simultaneously unique and expendable

I read in a biography of some artists that many of them burnt their manuscripts or paintings in the advent of their lives or in some fit of anger or despair. I was wondering why people do this? I think that such behavior corresponds with the hypothetic need of being unique. Painters paint, poets write but there comes a moment in life of some, possible many or all people that we ask what is this all for? What is this all good for? People subconsciously want to be adored, unexpandable. The inevitability of the opposite crushes us and those who think more highly>egoistically< about themselves they are the ones that are impacted most by the reality of not uniqueness. Everyone in this world is expendable, we should not think otherwise, but on the other hand everyone is in the eyes of eternity unique. For those who believe in God we may say that God wants us all to be incredibly happy. Happiness is not welfare, it is not money or family or a good job. Happiness is something more, something beyond that cannot be always understood by our senses. If we think only superficially about our lives and the world around, we shall never be happy because we again and again see that we are expendable. If we stop to think in this paradigm of egoism and start to use our presence in the present moment instead of thinking what would happen if we did not exist, then we can find the true happiness which is the opposite of the despair that we experience if we see and perceive our lifes as only meaningless in the values of this world. We can understand that any painting, any our creation is both unique and at the same time expandable and this fact brings us the true happiness from reconciliation with ones life. Once we stop live in a meangerie of false illusions, ideas of other people that say how we should live and what we should do, then we experience a freedom that is not only temporal, but which is the true liberty of body and mind as well.

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