Active and passive menagerie

I saw a dog this morning that was dressed by its owner very comically, having colorful coat and a funny haircut. I was thinking about the relationships of the dog and the owner. The dog does not care about anything of it, the owner does. How often we also live in this passive and active menagerie. Sometimes we impose our will on the lives of others their will notwithstanding. We ignore what others want and need and act egoistically and sometimes in the faith of helping them. Who says that a homeless really wants our help? There are of course some that do, but there are some that do not. I read an article about a homeless that did not want to be grateful to others and rejected and offer for a free living. There is nothing for free. He would feel obliged to them and thus he did not take the flat. By this I do not say that we should not try to help people, but at the first place we should thinking about what they want and need and feel and not what we want them to be like, because if we do, then we dress them like the dog, in something that they do not want or may even fell ridiculed by. This applies also vica versa. We often let ourselves be controlled by others, live in a menageries instead of creating menageries. This applies to teachers and parents very often. They educate their children but instead of helping them to be independent and autonomous thinkiers we keep them in a menagerie of our visions , of what we think is best for them, which is of course false. Noone knows what is best for others absolutely. Those with money may think that the poor or reaľy pitiable and may feel obliged to help them, but the poor may think the same about the rich ones. The western society puts so much stress on carrer, succes, money, appearance, relationships, statues etc and forgets that these things may be desirable for some people but definitely not for all people.

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