Altruism and egoism

What is the real difference between altruism and egoism? I know people that seem altruistic but in fact are egoists, because they help others and feel egoistic joy of helping them, they feel that they are better than others because they do not strive to have money and instead they live very ascetically, show their independence on the world and just feel better than the rest of the society. This helps in the social sphere very often. I see it on my colleagues and also on myself. We do not earn much and when asked what is the reason we still have this occupation is very often that is is meaningfull. Is not this just a pretence to say to others that I am basically a martyr that sacrifices ones life for lives of others? It should not be thus. The social sphere is a occupation as any other. Any job can be done with a good and evil intentions. Those who earn money in order to build a house or rear children because they see this as a meanig of their lives are not bad people although they are rich. Everything in the world can be good and evil, the intention is what matters. If I work in a social sphere and help powerless, handicapped, poor or so on in order to make myself feel better then such an approach is evil. On the other hand, those who earn money and have great houses and cars may not be evil, if they do not with the intention to make others happy. Jesus says love yourself as you love your neighbour and do unto other what you want them to do unto you. We should not make difference between ourselves and others. We should strive for a common good. We should make ourselves happy as well as those around us, we should not make difference between people.

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