Rules vs liberty

I was lately thinking how come that so many rules in society work, i mean concretely trafic rulez right now.My answer is human egoism. Any driver must not break rulez because should he break them then he would endanger his life or property. It is not advisable to cross the lights when there is red, not because it is good others to let pass but because by obey trafic laws oneself safe. If the trafic laws were voluntary, then I think it would be much harder to live in such a society. Then it would be like with morality, if it depended on one car if he lets the other pass, then we would be in a much nicer and unfortunately utopistic society. It is same today in capitalism and free, liberal market. Here the laws of the jungle apply, not as in the trafic where there are rigid laws and everyone with any weak car has the same right as those with big and fast cars. In capitalism there is a law of jungle and my behaviour towards others is not conditioned by strict rules as in trafic but by my morality, my feelings for others and the level of egoism I shall impose on others. This liberal system is necessary because it gives us choice. In trafic system we do not have a choice, the lights make the decision despite our feelings may be different. In capitalism we see that there are many people that chose the right, not egoistical choice but there are as well many of those that chose the other way round. Which system is a better one? Such that gives us choice or such that keeps us in line without the danger of choice? Our humanity is based on choice. Choice to do good is what distinguishes us from animals, if we do not have a choice we then lose our human nature and potential to be good, to do good. The common good, getting rid of egoism is our uniqueness as human kind. Those who want to be unique can be unique only in their evil. There is noone unique for ones sake and self. Those who are best now shall once be overcome. Every record will once be broken. If one wants to be the fastest, strongest etc on the planet, his ego may feel good for the time being but this is not a true happiness and joy, there will inevitably be someone stronger and faster some day. This happiness will pass as quickly as it came. Let us get rid of our egoistic desire to be better than others and let us build a society that appreciates the strong and the weak ones equally. ONce we stop the base need to be the best, the different than others, then we may see that this is the true happiness, not the desire of ones ego.

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