The journey for adulthood

i just saw a movie The Ciderhouse rules. It is an archetypal journey of a young boy growing up into an adult. Homer Wells goes into the wide world because he does not want to be a doctor and returns once he sees that he finished how job in the world. It is an Oddysey that awaits most of people but is not fulfilled by all of them. It is necessary once at a lifetime to do such a journey in order to grow mature. The journey must not always be inevitably some place else but somewhere else. The journey may be material but also spiritual. In order to became an adult one has to get rid of any influence he has had. Parents must stop to impose their will on their children and let them live according to their own will. There comes a moment when the decision must be left over to those that are not used to doing decisions. In my occupation as a social care worker I often deal with cases of people that want to decide for themselves but cannot, or vica versa, decide for themselves and hurt themselves. The level of responsibility depends not very often on their ability, because who can decide for others. I always want people to decide for themselves, but what if people have a psychological illness? Where is the line when one answers for the actins of another? It is very difficult to decide but I support the view that people should be left more responsiblity,rather then less because responsibility for their actions and lives is what makes us humans, choices makes us human. The fact that one may hurt onself is of course real and lurking in behind but this is the life. I think that it is better for us to sustain damage and have experience rather then be safely hidden from any danger.

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