detachment from the world

is it really so good to refrain from doing worldy things? I am reading the biography of John McQuid, an archbishop in Ireland and I am thinking whether those who detach from the world, for example into monasteries do really a good thing? If I am not mistaken then I would say that Jesus did not say that one should ignore the world. He said that we should not be misleaded by world affairs and needs and our desires for worldy things. on the other hand, what is profane but not damaging must not always be evil. I do not say that people should not go into monasteries to sacrifice their lives there, on the contrary, I would say that all those that are capable of such a choice are very strong personalities and I bow down. On the other hand, one has to always be ready to discern any egoistical desires in such a behaviour. if one goes into seclusion because one is hurt,dissatisfied, bored or disappointed by the world, then such a behaviour is not a gift to God but an egoistical desire to show that I am better than you and I do not need you and this world. One should not run away from problems but try to solve them. Anything and everything in this world can be done both ways-the evil and the good. we may not always know the right choice, we may not always hear the voice of God or our conscience but we should listen to what feel, we should be sensible to what is sin (sinsible). Egoism is the root of all evil and all sins. If we werent egoistical, then we would follows Gods will, we would not have a reason to be evil and to sin. Egoism is the choice for me, and not for God. Once we start listening to what our bodies tell us, to what is pleasurable, we start to overhear Gods voice and listen to ourselves. we start to be pride and then it goes down to the sin. A priest gave me a piece of advice when I was at a confession: any evil though that comes to you should be changed to a prayer so that it does not turn into sin. Once the devil sees that any his temptation is turned into what he hates most then he would not want to tempt you into sin.


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