Expertise vs. natural bent

I met our diocece director yestereday and I realized that the higher the post, the less expertise needed. The director said that he only cares to gain money from the politicians, statesmen, another directors and so on. Charity is a non-profit organisation and we should care not so much about money but in the end money is what it is all about the director complained. People work in the Charity not to get money, but if they get so little money that they cannot afford even the basic needs and satisfy their children and families, then the spirit of Charity(meaning the organisation) is endangered. To get back to my first point. The director does not need really any expertise. He does what he is called for and does not need to study it. Of course, one may study how to deal with people but in the end what one should do is not to follow any instructions how to do something, but to follow ones heart to know why I am doint something. Our director is an ingenieur but to deal with people and raise money he does not use this education. On the other hand, I would say that the less expertise one has(or the broader education) then the more opportunities one has. If one studies something and then emerges into it then one stays here for ever, which may of course be fine. But for those who want to get hígher I would advise them to be as open to everything as possible because in the end it is not about what one learned in the past, but what one does in the present, not based on any instituionalized education. What one does should stem from ones heart and not from the menagerie of todays education that says what one should study and what not.


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