Importance of mistakes

We all do mistakes. Some of us take the risk of being laughed at and then repair their mistakes and become stronger. Some of us do not want to take the risk and then it is nearly impossible to become stronger, because only experience and usually fails make us stronger and tougher. It is nothing unusual to make a mistake, it is unusual to not make a mistake. What is a mistake? Who can say surely that something is wrong and something good? There is nothing like totally true or correct way of doing things. God is not here among us in a human form and when one thinks he is a god, they say that the bigger pride, the greater fall.. let us not be afraid of being ridiculed for our mistakes. If we try honestly to do a good thing and make mistakes, then there is nothing to be laughed at. Usualy those the laugh are those that never do mistakes because they never try, should they try to do something, they would know that making mistakes is a natural way of things and then they would not laugh. So there is not a reason to be afraid. Those that care about us would not laugh because they know what it is like to make mistakes and what is more important they know that mistakes if the only inevitable way for repairing them and to wisdom. Without experience one cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

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