Healthy egoism

Can there be something as correct healthy egoism? What is wrong for example when one has children and think more about oneself, welfare of oneself that about the welfare of children? In the end, we do not have children because we want them to be happy, many people have children because of egoistical desire to satisfy the biological needs and conventional expectations. This egoism is wrong I dare say. If I have children and still think more about myself, i may not be an egoist. It may be said that egoism is having children because I feel that I would depend on them and thus care for them more than for myself. If one has children and cares for their good because one knows it is good to have children, then it is morally acceptable. On the other hand, one may not want to have children because one is scared or lazy to do so, then this is also egoism. Here we see that any action can be done either morally or not morally but egoistically. I may not have them or not have them and Noone can say that I do good or not. This ultimately depends on individual conscience but we need to look to ones conscience to see and ask where is the true reason and purpose of my actions.

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