Decisions about ones life

I read a quote that an artist should estimate the end of ones own life. One should not wait for a natural death? Is not it just a clinging on ones own life? Waiting for others, for nature to decide for me? My christian, catholic faith tells me that I cannot decide for myself in this question, because birth and death are things one is not capable of creating. One cannot create life,how can one decice the end of life? On the other hand, one should be willing to decide for ones own life, not let any other power decide for oneself. I do not see a voluntary suicide as a reasonable option, nevertheless I cannot with a definite and absolute power say that those who do not want to live should be kept alive their decision notwithstanding. In spite of pain and suffering keeping people alive is another case. Euthanasia is avoiding pain, which may be egoistical, but clinging to life may be egoistical as well. We must ask whether we live with a purpose or if we live just in order to live, if we keep our health just in order to be healthy or if we want to do good with our healthy bodies. On the other hand we must also decide whether the avoidance of pain or euthanasia is also not some kind of escape. Here we see that anything can be done in two ways, the dichotomy is irresolvable for anyone but me.

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