Spirit of xmas

Now during xmas period I see so many advertisemens in the shopping centers, on the roads and just everywhere. There is even more ads than usually. People are prone to belive that xmas cannot be succesful without those things. Why do we believe that xmas or anything else must be succesful? The succes if it can be called so does not depend on any outer thing. It comes from inner. If we buy things then it is because we cannot or are afraid of creating xmas according to our vision and we rather accept the vision of some other person. Xmas in my view is a time for reunions and peace of mind. If we cannot create xmas without things we shall not get the peace of mind what we seek but only an artifical substitute.The spirit of xmas is of course also the bodily needs of food and goods but this should not be taken as the prerequisite for having happy xmas. We again need to find the line between our egoistical desires and what we believe is good for all. The abstract general good for all is good for all, not excluding ourselves. If we do good generally, accept that we are unique but not substitutable, then we feed our need for happines and community and avoid the egoistical desire of selfish uniqueness.

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