Altruism vs egoism

Imagine a child that damages something and its mum is angry. It is natural to effuse anger, but what is the point? If the child loves parents and does not want to do any damage, does not want to make them angry and crashes sometimes someting unintentionally, it should be shown love and not scorn and reproach. If the child knows it did something bad unintentionally , then it should not be punished. If the child did something bad intentionally then we can discuss some kind of punishment. How often do people know they act and do intentionally evil? Evil is a very abstrac thing because we never know what the result of our actions will be. I like to distinguish between good and evil as between doing things for myself and for good for all. Christ says that one should love oneself as others. This means that doing things for myself is as bad as doing things for others. In the end, even when a philanthropist does things for others it may seem alturistic but it may not be so. The so called altruist may heal ones ego by helping others, this altruism is in fact very selfish, which is very dangerous because such a person may be encouraged to act in this way and then only deepens ones ego. Everything we do we should do for the good of mankind, for the good of all people, for civilisation. We should not love ourselves or others more. We should not think about loving myself or others but just do what is good, and doing good means making no difference between my need and needs of others.

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