Causes of hate

I have a great aversion against beards. This may sound silly but it is not. I cannot avoid seeing people with beards, but also with tattoes and piercings as exhibitionst. I hate exhibitionism while it emphasizes something that is very easilly gained. Are these people really to be hated? They are not, I know that but nevertheless have problems accepting it and loving them as we all should love ourselves and others. The inner hate I have but also feel in many people around is very dangerous. I read a book by Anita Moorjani where she described her fight with cancer. She said that she was so scared and fearful that she finally got sick, her fears were fulfilled. If she were not fearful she might not get cancer. He treatment was in loosing fear and gaining love and joy in life. I sometimes feel like her. If you are acquainted with the five stages of Kubler Ross then I must say that I would not go through them if I suddenly got sick. First denial>I would not deny the illness because I know that inner hate leads to either physical or psychological problems. In other words, I would not be suprised to get sick. Second anger. Why should I be angry when I hate intentionally and egoistically many people and things and then get sick? I can be of course angry with God, but in the end I can be only angry with myself. Third stage is bargaining. I do not know whether I could offer something to the fate if I god suddenly better. I first must choose to stop hating and then one gets better, this is the experience of Anita Moorjani. The fourth phase is usually depression. One goes through depression now and then. I do not know whether I am more depressed from the fact that I intentionally dislike people or that I am sick. The depression is only a result of some inner state, be is mind or body, first one has to get rid of the cause and then there is no depression to heal. The last stage is acceptance. As I wrote above, if ones behaviour is selfish then one intentionally does evil to oneself and to others. This is the implicit acceptance one has to do when one intentionally does evil and then one cannot be surprised that things get worse than they are because hating cannot lead to anything good.

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