Saint Joseph

When I learned about the fact that I must choose a patron saint when coming to confirmation, I had no doubts about choosing st. Joseph, foster parent of Jesus Christ. St. Joseph is in my view right after Christ the prototype of humbleness for all Christians. I consider him to be one of the most important persons in the New Testament, although he is almost not mentioned in the whole Bible. I do so not only because he reared Christ, but more because he is a real and truthful example of total dedication to God and faith in God´s calling. The possiblity and chance of becoming “father” of our Saviour is very low and yet Joseph did not doubt it and did not linger a moment in his own thoughts and opinions about the impossibility of such a thing. There is not a direct speech by Joseph in the Bible. Why is that? I would say that it attests his devout character. Even before the Angel told him the message, he was a brave and a just man. He learned that Mary is pregnant and although he must have been hurt both on his pride and ego and also spiritually, he was not vindicative but wanted to let her go in silence. He must be very humiliated because she promised to keep her virginity and apparently did not keep and yet he acted as a just and wise man. Only after that he learned that he should stay with her, only after he already made a just choice. On one hand we should listen to our hearts and conscience but on the other hand we should listen to what God may have for us, as Joseph did. He followed his conscience but the instance God talked to him he immediately changed his mind and followed God´s words. Nevertheless, we Christians should not just wait for what God may or may not say us, we should as Joseph did follow our conscience and then we can be sure, that we do a good thing. If we just waited, we might never have done anything. On the other hand, if we only act, then we do not know the right direction. Joseph is also a great example of how a father should behave. Today many men think that a father should not make compromise, should punish, be tough, follow patriarchy etc. Saint Joseph did just the opposite. A real father should not try to impose its role because it is given and he knows it and does not have a reason to try to elevate his ego by climbing above others in order to make the lesser that is he. To foster a child that is not mine is one of the biggest men´s fears, this is given biologically. Men want to spread their sperm and have children but only biological children cound. To foster a child that is someone´s elses is the biggest humiliation for any man. Joseph accepted this, overcame his pride and became a father for Christ. It is very important to follow our Father in heaven and we may look at st. Joseph to see how a fact should act in a concrete way. We should follow our conscience and not act according to what is pleasant but rather think whether things that are pleasant are really beneficial to use in a good way.


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