What is a wasted life?

Yesterday I read an ad on an online video game called the world of tanks. It said that by not playing this game one is wasting ones life. We have some lifetime, time of our life which should be used to the fullest and not wasted. How can I know that I do not waste it? I cannot definitely say that by playing this game or any other game one wastes ones life or vica versa. This as I have stated many times depends on individual conscience and cannot be guaranteed anyhow. Noone among us is a god to say that one wastes ones life by doing this or that. Although I am a practicing Roman catholic, I want to see any activity to be possibly done in a good or a bad way, doing evil or doing good. Of course, some activities are more likely to be prone to good, as for example helping others, which should be a prerequisite of any job. Some activities on the other hand are calling us to do evil things, for example haggling with money in politics, doing porn, generally occupations that are more likely to make you think that money is number one in your life. Nevertheless, it is I think neccessary to see that any activity can be done in two ways as I said above. It may be now for me inexplicable to see a gangster or a porn actor as one doing a good thing, but in order to avoid dogma, it is vital to be open that even such a thing may be good, although anything may suggest otherwise or total opposite. Who am I to say tha Stalin or Hitler are without doubt in hell? From the perspective of faith everything directs that they are, but can we really be sure? By saying this I do not vindicate their atrocious deed, on the opposite, I want to state very firmly that I hold hurting others and segregating others as very evil. Anyway, I want also to state very firmly, that we cannot judge what happens to those people that do such things, because if we judged them, we would be same as them, because they judged people and that led them to doing such evil, horrible things to them.I can only say that I hate sin, we all should, but I try to love the sinners as Christ teaches us. It is also very important to bear in mind that sin is unfortunately relative from the perspective of the third person. Sin is ultimate only in the eyes of the good or evil doer.

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