Life in faith, faith in life

I have inscription in the name of my blog which says>life in faith, faith in life. Maybe its time to explain this and dig deeper to what life and what faith means. In my view life is the most important thing we have. On the other hand, if we only lifed a simple easy life, then such a life would be meaningless. Here comes faith to the game. Faith, the matter, the esence of our lifes can only be achieved via life, via our bodies, which is the form for the essence. The interplay of these two factors is crucial for a happy and fulfilled life. LIfe in faith is the only real thing we can achieve and faith in life is the other part, maybe the prerequisite for a content life. We need to believe that we can lead a full and meaningful life, which is faith. We need faith in our lives in order to live the life in faith and in a trustworthy bond with God. The first step is to believe that I can lead life in faith and then I shall get the faith to belive in life and to live the life to the fullest. Life in faith and faith in life is the way of life, coming full circe. Life without faith would be meaningless, faith without life is impossible. Our free will and choice is indispensable to gain faith in life. Life is given to us, we need to make the first step towards God in order to gain faith. Once we make the first step we have already obtained the faith because once we say yes to God, then we already belive in life with God and not just life that is only a form for nothing. Form must be filled, we need to fill our lives with joy from the fact that we are Gods children. The only thing he wants from us is to open our hearts and receive the immense gift, the other half. The first half is the life itself, the other is the essence that give the life its meaning.

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