Avoiding or alleviating a crisis?

I read an article about financil crisis and the people there were arguing about whether the crisis can be avoided. They both had arguments that were sound and logical. One party said that the crisis would be avoidable should the government take special precautions and the other party said that it is impossible because now or then comes a crisis totally unforseenable and unpredictable. They are both right. On one hand it is not possible to account for everything, on the other hand, we create a world and with a bit of luck we should be able to think everything into its final effect. Maybe the not knowledge of some things ultimate effect is only our fail and mistake. Nevertheless, this discussion can be neverending. I would like to stress that maybe its not really about avoiding a crisis but about alleviating it. Maybe it is not really possible to account for everything that may occur and maybe it is more reasonable to be ready that some crisis may occur and be rather prepared how to deal with it effectively, than trying so hard to totally avoid it. Avoiding crisis will never teach us how to deal with it. Learning to deal with a crisis when it comes may open new horizons for us. The life and society we have is full of problems and it is much more reasonble to learn how to cope with the problems then just avoiding them.

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