The purpose of dresses

I met my sister and money some other day for a dinner and they were exchanging glances on the pieces of clothes they had bought. I was thinking why is it that women want to look good? Do they do it mostly because they like to look good for themselves or because they do it in order to attract the other sex? Obviously this depends, women in healthy and sound relationships do not probably have the need to attract the other sex in order to lure them into another relationship. They hopefully do it really because they want to look and feel good. On the other hand, many women do it naturaľy in order to attract men and to get them into a realtionships. One thing I noticed is that the nicer the woman looks, the more attractive men find her, the more tempting her dress is, the more men want to get rid of the dress and have her naked. This is of course not some very deep idea, but it is a kind of paradox. Or maybe not? Maybe women know that the nicer they look, the fast shall man try to undress her and the more they want to see her without the dress. Maybe this reaľy is the aim. If the woman wants to look good, then she wears a nice dress and know that men like it and that the nicer the dress is, the more paradoxically the men would want to see it. Maybe the dress is a kind of foreplay and that the longer the men defies to put it off of her then the more she will be willing to have intercourse with him. Be that as it may, women like to have it very long and also to have it only a short while, just enough for the men to undress her. Maybe this is the dichotomy between wearing it for her sake and for his sake.

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