Menagerie of Bread and Circuses

I read a book by Charles Taylot called Ethics of Authenticity. There was a quotation by Hannah Arendt that in this society the time to take to create a thing is longer that the thing itself. We live in an era of consumerism. This notion by Arend is very pertinent for todays people. is there anything more menageric than creating things in order for them to be consumed and then create them again? Arendt touché is so poignant because it tells so much about the nature of humans when we let ourselves be controlled by our ego. If the time to create a thing is longer than the time of the thing itself, then we have completely twisted the aim of our lives. Formerly things were meant to last, today nothing is meant to last, only to be consumed again and again and again. AS long as we live in this menagerie we shall never be free and we are thus coming again to the era of ancient Rome that kept people at bay from revolting by giving them Bread and Circuses, which is a book by Patrick Brantlinger that I long wish to read. If we live only by this small pleasures of fun and enough food, if we only satisfy only our carnal needs and never get any higher, then we get back to the level of animals. Our carnal needs are to be satisfied for a higher aim, in order to have enough energy to do greater things. If we only live in order to eat, then our lives become a vicious circle with our ego in the middle of it.

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