Seeking Gods will

I read in a book by a Carmelitan Monk Wilfried Stinissen that Gods will is realized also through ill will of some people. He concretely had crucifixation in mind. This is of course true, but it is also possible that someone may do evil knowing that it is also Gods will and use this fact as a pretense, vindication to do evil. We should always strive to do Gods will, although it may seem nebulous to us and hard to grasp. Stinissen says that once we do not know how to act, always look for what is more difficult for you. One should not think that Gods wants us to suffer meaninglessly, all he brings to us is a part of his plan for us. It is obvious that what is easy is also very often without value. I do not say that we should always choose the way that is unpleasant for us, that we should do what we do not like. On the opposite, we should see the more difficult option as the one that makes God joyful, as opposed to the easy path that makes joyful our ego. As long as we please God, we also come nearer to true happiness and fulfilment of our lives, not our ego.

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