Illusion of love

What is the difference between infatuation and love? Is not infatuation only an ilusion in order for nature to guarantee that people have offspring? In relationships we need o fall in love, or the love at first sight as some believe, but it is terribly important to escape the illusion of everlasting infatuation as fairy tales and many popular songs are about. I would even say that today having a partner is a kind of life style. It is so natural that when one does not want to have a partner for any reason then it is almost impossible for one to be looked at as a normal person. Its my opinion that if one cannot be happy without a partner then his happiness will not come once he has a girlfriend. I have a friend who has never been alone but feels lonely in the relationship nevertheless. This is of course natural, but it is also important to find the equilibrium also when one is alone, not in a relationship. Of course that for most people it is natural to have intimate partnership with someone, but very often this is only a pretense in order to look normal. I believe that some people are just meant to be alone and not feel lonely because many people are not alone but loneliner than those who can find their company even when they are alone. Back to my idea about the illusion of love, or rather infatuation, because love and infatuation is very often exchanged but is not interchangeable. Infatuation is more an advertisment about the other person, it is not reality so much as more a persone that one creates. We all play certaint roles and when we want to be liked by the others we also play very much. We are not the people that we are when we are alone. THis is very dangerous. On one hand we want to be like ourselves, but on the other hand we need to look better in front of others. This brings us into a bit schizofrenic situation. It would be very good to not divide myself any my persona but if we acted alone the same way we act among others. But is this possible? It may be, but on the other hand, the partner should like us not for what we want to look like, but for what we really are. Then I would say that it is better to stop playacting and be not what want others want us to be, but what we feel most comfortable in.

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