The nature of suicide

In this entry I would like to delve a bit into the nature of suicide and self inflictment of pain. Why is it so that some people hurt or kill themselves? One of the main reasons is I would say an escape from troubles and problems. Suicide is in fact a solution to ones problems. If the problems are so big, then suicide may seem as a reasonable way out. If the troubles and life with them is not worth living then avoiding everything is explicable in terms of getting rid of these problems. It is similar as with drinking alcohol. People who drink in order to forget about troubles may have a similar approach. They drink not in order to find a solution, but to postpone it or to forget about the troubles, at least for a while. Another reason for commiting suicide of self inflictment of pain may be that one does not like oneself. When one does not think that something about one is good, then it is also a solution. When one does not like oneself then there is not a reason why should one care about oneself. Self inflictment of pain is also a solution for overcoming pain, in order to forget about some pain that one has one inflicts some other pain so that the focus of ones mind is taken away from some other, possibly psychological pain and turns to cutting for example. Hurting oneself is not so crazy as it may seem. When one has depression then hurting onself or even suicide is not to be so much wondered about. Depression is so big a pain that one does anything to avoid it. It may not even be a decision done on the spur of a moment. People commiting suicide usually have so much pain that suicide is a solution for not wanting to wait here any longer in such conditions. On the other hand, it is quite pragmatic to think about the end of ones life. I would say that suicide is in a way just shortening something than comes nevertheless because life is meanigful only when it ends, only with the prospective that we have time given and we must use it. If we had eternity ahead of us, then what would we really do? We should never be afraid of dying. Take for example Frodo from the trilogy Lord of the Rings. Frodo did what he set out to do and was no more afraid of dying in the end. We all should have a reason to live and then suicide would seem meanigless. If one loses ones meaning of life, then suicide is not so meaningless a solution. I do not want to denouce suicide or to vindicate, not at all, I want to highlight that suicide may some very reasonable for some people and under certain conditions. I do not even think that suicide is to be denounced as most of the society does and all global religions do. Suicide in the end may be only a way to come sooner to God. It may not even be sooner then God expected if we really believe in it. Very poignant was a scene in The Suffering of young Werther by Goethe. Werther at the end of the novel commited suicide and said to himself that his Heavenly Father hopefully will not be angry that he comes sooner to him than he should have.

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