Truth in discourse?

I read a book by Richard Rohr called Naked presence and he stated somewhere in the book that most today Christians just go to Church, listen to prayers but do not really listen to God, are not really in the connection with him. Can we generally say that most Christians are not good? Of course, anything one says it relative. If I state that I am the king of this earth or that this race or nation is superior to that, then although stated, it is an opinion nevertheless. When I discuss some topic like this with someone I often wonder why people take for granted that this or that I say is some kind of rule. Anything one says is to be understood in context and what is more important noone opinion is higher or lower than somone elses opinion. If I say something is this, then naturally the truth is somewhere else, I always see only my perspective, there cannot be an absolute truth here, we are not God, we have only perspectives that may come nearer to the truth but this we never know. So In this text I would like to vindicate a bit those dogmatics or rigorous preachers who say that we need to do this and that in order to get into Heaven because anything they say is not some kind of given Truth, they are not God, they are only people so let us not be afraid that what they say is really some kind of unchangeable truth. Nevertheless we should be open to the ideas of other and be ready to change our minds. Anything anybody says is good up to the point that we think about it. Even the biggest nonsense is worth to be thought about, because how can we know that the biggest nonsense and the greatest ideas are not very near to each other, sometimes identical, sometimes interchangeable, sometimes used as twins? Anything we hear should be an impetus for us to use our minds. There is no given truth, noone has and virtually what says that fellow over there is as truthful as what Pope says. If we let ourselves to be inspired by other withouth making differences between them, then we, I believe, follow Gods will. This also corresponds with the fact of having thetruth. There is so many wars not even among different religions, but even among Christians. Once we consider something as unchangeable truth, then we are prone to see others as those in need to help, this is the first cause to war. As long as I think that the group over there is in need of change, then I basically start to play god, which is the worst blaspheme ever. This is the opposite of what God wants us to do. He wants us to use our freedom not to destroy ourselves or others by playing God, that is His role,he wants us to serve with love not according to our ego or mind, but according to our heart. We need to acknowledge that the truth shall always be hidden from us and that is why we need to be humble and rely on God about revealing the truth to us. As long as we keep our ego subdued and as long as we know the only truth that we do not know the truth, please excuse me for being tautological, but I believe Socrates said> I know that I know nothing. This should be what we people should always say to ourselves but not in order to wait for God to act, but just the opposite> act as much as we can, do anything we can but with this truth in mind.

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