Dont listen to those who say what you should do

I hope I may venture a little bit ironic headline and contradict it right now by saying what I think. I saw a poster that said>noone should tell you what to think. But even this statement says you what to think. Words should be revelatory and not confusing. Although words are relative, they may bring us to a consensus, but it is possible that they will not. The aim of words is not to find the truth but to be looking for it. So as I said many times, think about everything but never think that you have the truth, this is the only truth. It may seem contraditory or tautological but it really is the only truth. It is all about balance. Words will not give us truth, but may bring us nearer to it. When someone like me says that one should not take seriously, by taking this statement seriously one acts contradictory and yet there is truth even though it is contradictory. I think that this relative truth is the aim of words and the only neverending eternal truth we should strive to find.

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