(In)evitability of choice

Yesterday I was at church and heard the preacher saying the parable about sower. What should we take from it? I think that the message it tries to convey is that we should not think about our energy and that we should do as much as possible. The sower sows the seed and does not really think whether they shall grow or not. The sower is quite profilgate in this sense, he does not think economically and does not decide whether the people around him are ready to accept and understand Gods voice. Maybe that is what we should do because such is Gods love for us. He does not think whether we are ready or not, he gives us abundance of his love and does not makes difference. The choice is only up to us. Whether we want to accept it or not. We may accept Gods or not, but he shall never be angry if we do not, because it is only our fault. Maybe we also should not think about our energy, whether what we do shall pay off in the future, maybe these thoughts only bring us further from our Father. If we do good then we need not worry whether it pays off or whether it will be forgotten. These thinks we should leave on his decision. If we see someone evil and think that the one is a lost case, then we on one hand save our energy but on the other play god a little bit because we think that this or that person is doomed and that we rather spare our energy for someone more prone to listen to our words. This is the worst case scenarie because what we do is that we judge. Bible says that one should not judge because then one will not be judged in the end. If we judge and think that someone is pure evil, that for example psychopaths without empathy should deserve a capital punishment, or that people with severe mental hendicap or in coma should be deserved euthanasia althouth they cannot decide about their fate, then we play god and think that we think better than Him what to do and for whom. I think that freedom to decide, our liberty at choosing our way is what God hold most important in our lives, it is what distinguishes us from animals. I think that we should never take the possibility of choice from anybody. It is important to talk about for example euthanasia, to show the brighter sides of life etc but in the end the choice to live or die should be left to the person that it belongs to. If we do not let the person to decide, then we virtually and in fact take ones human nature away from the one. CHoice is what matters most in life, whether they are good or evil we shall never know. Gods plan is different for each of us and we never know whether the choice of another person is good or evil, we can never judge it, only talk to them and express our opinions, but we should never take the potential of deciding from them. The only choice we can judge is our own, because thus we judge ourselves and thus we shall once be judged as well by Him.

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