economics of love

i wonder how hard it is to give up ones life for somebody else. the thing is that the person has to be really worth it, but if i wait till somebody elses give it up form me, so that I can see that the person is worth sacrifying my life for the person,then there would noone willing to do it. one has to do the first step, why not I? if i keep waiting for others to be good to me so that I can be good to them, we could wait for ever. there should be no calculation concerning goodness. we see it in the Gospel story of the Sower. the parable says virtually that we should not think about economics, whether it is really worth spreading Gods word among those who, we think, do not understand it or shall not be willing to listen to it. Gods ľove is immense, eternal and neverending. he gives us infinity of love and that is what we should also strive for. we are not as infinite love as God is, be nevertheless, we should give our love and goodness as if we had infinity of love and energy because that is the difference between people and God. our aim is, metaphorically speaking to die while doing good, while spreading love. it is not our purpose to live as long as possible. if we died while helping others then such a dead would be most pleasant for God. this on the other hand does not at all say that we should systematically seek situations that may be dangerous for us. if someone went to Islamic territories in order to die there as a martyr while preaching the Gospel, then it is not guaranteed that he goes to Heaven. such acts are often sheer exhibitionism. it is not so much about finding situations but letting God to send us situations in the life and we should act in the situations asthe Sower from the parable, not think about the economics of spreading love. anything we do with love shall never be forgotten.

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