the story of money

what is the meaning of looking forward to something? nothing is really as good as we think, or at least not for ever. we may look forward to a new car, great dinner, nicer phone or house, but is it really all that makes us happy? do not we come into a kind of schizophrenia when we on one side look forward to doing something and when we do it or finish it we see that it did not really made us happy? take for example money, people are told by todays society to live in a menagerie of power, of money and of people that control them. the powers that be want us to b elieve in the story of money. they want us to value money as much as possiblel. but by adoring money we get into vicious circle of being joyous just from the fact that we have and earn money. we are not even glad that we may buy things, which is as well myopic, but we are told that the more money one has, the better. if we look forward to having more and more money, what do we really look forward to? only to the fact that we listen to those who want us to keep subdued in this menagerie of money and false idols. i think that the only way out of this lie is to stop believing in stories that are brought to us from outside and focus more on the inner voice that we may hear if we listen to ourselves. i am not talking about ego that supports are base desires but our conscience that tells us how to relish in spiritual gains. we may partake on Gods gifts only if we stop listening to what society tells us to do and when we instead follow the story that brings our soul to the limelight.

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