Who should be followed?

i read yesterday a piece about fasting because we have lent period now. it was about cleansing and humility. when the ruler was an example for others, they all had to follow him. that means that when he was profligate people also felt justified when spending money on stupid things. on the other hand when the ruler was humble and during the lend poured ash on his had as a sign to show his sins and the need of God in his life, then all other people could do nothing else but to follow him. today we do not feel obliged to follow the ruler which is on one hand good but on the other hand people miss prototypes of chastity and goodness. I think that mainly young people today miss the heroes of their lifes and rather ran into unreality of drugs or virtual reality of games. there they can feel as unique because there they have power which is not gained by hard work but easily and also easily corrupted. if i do not have a role model to follow than i usually think that there is noone to follow and I rather become the role model myself. if i do not find Christ and let him be the role model in my life, then I shall be doomed for ever. I do not say that there is noone in this life to follow, I think that many people are decent and good and should be examples for young people how to act instead of following pop stars, singer, actors and so on. anyway we should acknowledge that people we follow are also followers. and their aim and destiny should be God. If we follow someone who is good, then such a person follows God. we are then actually notfollowing the person but God himself. if we do follow the person, then we make god of the person and an empty idol. that iswhat we should be most afraid and secured from.

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