I read an article about a woman that let herself be sterilized, which means that she cannot physically and biologically from now on have children. SHe said that women are here not for having babies and that her life is much more meaningful without children than with it. she even had a partner who stayed with her. I do understand this, I also do not know for sure whether I want to have children in the future but I do not understand why someone needs to have ones body operated in order to be bulletproof that one shall never have babies? Priest in the Roman Catholic church also made promise to not have children and noone thinks about vasectomy, which would made them physically unable to have babies. This is all about choice, a woman or a man may make a choice to have or not to have children but why one needs to make it biologically inevitable to not have children? It seems to me as an egoistical manifestation of contempt of the society that emphasizes so much the cult of babies today. I also do not like it when people consider having babies as the meaning of ones life because babies shall once grow up and we shall then have no influence over them, this is inevitable and if we think that we can exert influence over children than our approach is evil. People have children but not in order to make them dependent of the parents. of course one would be happy if the children looked after old parents but one cannot force them to do it. one cannot force them to do anything, they are new people without no bond to the parents if they do not want to. The children did not have a choice to be born and that is the reason why they may choose to not have bond with their parents for any reason they would like to. such a choice may or may not be evil but the parents must respect it because the child is a new person now. One should not think that because one is a parent then one may exert influence over the child. while the child is a small one the parent is naturally obliged to show the child way of life, what is good and evil and so on but in the end the child should choose for itself what it want to do in life because we cannot force anyone to do anything, we do not have the conscience of the other person and that is why we can only show the child the good way, but cannot force it to follow it.

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