I read yesterday an article about the death of Boris Nemcov and a movement of people who want to name a street after him which lays right in the vicinity of Moscow Kremlin. I think that it is good that people are not ignorant to the fact the an anti government, anti Kremlin journalist died not far from Kremlin and it is also possible that it was caused by the government. Anyway, what is the point of exasperating Russia with such an act? Another idea was to name a street after Nemcov here in Czech Republic which lies right next to Russian embassy. Both these ideas seem more irracional than really helping the situation of diminishing freedom of speech today. in my opinion it is more reasonable to state firmly ones opinion, in this case the fact the Nemcov wrote articles against Putin and Russian and to make people know that freedom of speech is one of the most important assests of democracy which we should have anywhere in the world. on the other hand, the act of naming a street after Nemcov right next to Kremlin palace seems as an act of sheer exhibitionism to me. This is probably thought up by a group of people ,radicals that want to show that they are not scared but its very likely all they are capable of. The fight against Russian propaganda and the will of Russian government to spread false information should be done in a dialogue. anyway, I also understand that dialogue with someone who is demagogue and despitic may be very difficult. but if we act as those that opress us, then we again become opressors. If we fight back with the same irrational force then we also become sinners. we are endowed with the ability to discuss things rationally and peacefully as opposed to animals. If people act irrationally and brutally, then they are more animals than people. I understand that someone may say that with people like Russian prezident it is impossible to lead a dialogue because such people want power and nothing interests them more. Christians should always bear in mind that all people are sinners, we all sin in different ways but in the same amount. who can say that one sin is bigger or more sinful that another? I think that this is relative and that is why we should hold all people as sinful as ourselves and never judge them but rather try to show them the way, but not demagogically, because noone has absolute truth, but rather with love and compassion

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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