adoring relics

I read an article about why people adore relics of saints. Some think that this is total madness and that one must be a total fanatic if one is capable of kneeling before some bone. I would like to clarify this and express my opinion about it. To kneel before a bone of some saint, in catholic Christian context, it means to kneel before Jesus Christ, before God. the saints would not exist without Jesus and without God. The people praying to dead saints are not mad because the essence they pray for is Goodness of Christ the King. It is catholic belief that saints are with God and that they have some kind of power and can help us. This view I do not in fact agree with because it is a kind of fanaticism that noone can be sure about. on the other hand, kneeling before a bone and praying to Christ while adoring the life of the saint seems quite reasonable to me. we ponder about the life of the saint, about his dead if he was a martyr and think about God who was the reason for which someone is willing to die. the contemplation itself is not about the bone, as I said, it all goes to God Himself and the life is a catalysator through which we may easily get to Him and understand Him. Through the life and death of saints we may see more clearly why it is worth following Christ in life, but also in death.

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