young and beautiful

A singer Lana del Rey has a song: Young and beautiful. the singer asks her love whether he will love her when she is no longer young and beautiful. this brings me to a dilemma whether it is better to be young and beautiful or old and ugly. this dilemma is not so easy to resolve. age brings certain cons but also pros. one of the greatest merits of age is experience and a kind of wisdom so to say. with age comes wisdom to all of us. sooner or later one sees that not everything done in this life and world is or was worth doing. of course many people do not get any wiser with old age, but the exprience and years behind us tells us something and we learn from it nevertheless. be that as it may, what is better? i think that it depends on what one seeks. may one want to have only short time relationships and be young and beautiful but naturally without experience? thank God, with age we see that youth and beauty is not everything and we start to value mutual closeness and understanding more than physical beauty. it is natural to lose ones beauty, but nevertheless, even though one may value beauty more than wisdom and we can say nothing against it. another issue I think about is how and when one reconciles with getting old. In twenties or early thirties one does not think about decay because, usually men do not get old so quickly and thus do not need to think about it so much.on the other hand women after thirty usually need to have already a steady relationship, because after than it is quite difficult to find one. when does it happen that one sees that he is old and that he should stop valueing beauty more than wisdom and rather find himself a partner that may not be so much beautiful as rather rational and reasonable? Women I would say are much more adaptable in this view and start much earlier thinking about their future because they know that decay starts quite early. men on the other hand do not think about it and rather wait till it may be too late. unfortunately for women, for men it is too late much later than for women. on the other hand, women are much wiser because they know it and they usually adapt on this situation and find themselves a partner before they start to decay.

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