unconditional love

i realized that when I feel good and healthy I am much more grateful than when I am sick or when something hurts me, when things generally do not go as I would like them to be. I realized also that such an approach is very much like meritocracy. If I am grateful to God, to myself, only when I feel good then I do not accept and relish in the unconditional Love God holds for us. It is much more dificult to be happy when one is unhappy but it is the essence of Love, of True Love the gospel is about. I t is necessary to love God my wounds notwithstanding. God loves us and the evil things that happen to us could be avoided of course, God is almighty, but the thinks that we consider evil may not be evil at all. There is nothing that comes from the outside that would be utterly evil. Only we are the catalysator that can make the events good or evil. If someone hurts me, then I can think that it is an evil thing. It may be or may not be, nevertheless, it either makes me stronger if I do not give up and start hating that person, or it makes me weaker if I start to hold grudge agaisnt such a person, start to be vindicative, seeking retribution and so on. I think that love for God that is unconditional even in illness is useful also in life generally and in interrelationships as well. In the marriage vow they say that they should stick together throught good times, but also through tough times. This is also Gods approach. He loves us our evil deeds against him notwithstanding. He gives us choice to accept his love or not. he does not force us, although he brings events that we may not like upon us but these events our inevitably good for us, in the utmost consequence. God from His essence is pure Love, it is not possible to bring evil upon anybody. This is the school of love that we should teach to follow.

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