i read Johns gospel and was wondering why Jesus spat on the ground and made the blind to use it as a cure? was it some kind of sign? he could have just said and the man would be healthy. may this was a sign that would intricately bind Jesus to his deed, because if he just said him to be healthy, there would be no material mean which would heal the man. maybe he wanted to get nearer to the pharisees who also need to see a miracle but do not believe in Christ just because of his words. pharisees, as Jesus says, are not blind and therefore are sinful because they think that they are without sin. should they say they are blind, admit their weekenes than paradoxically they would not be blind. I am what I say I am not. If I say I am good then I am not good, if i am humble and say I am a sinner, then I am nearer to God. What I s ay about myself must come out of the Gods essence in us, not from our egoistical desire which tempt us to think about ourselves what we are not.

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